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See how I'm turning my research and expertise into action via community collaborations and invited presentations

Educating Crisis Workers about Empowering Survivors of Gender-based Violence

Review the presentation I gave to crisis worked at the Huntsman Mental Health Institute in March 2023. 

Here's what one participant said:

"Great work and advocacy. [I learned] to not rush someone from a situation but rather meeting them where they are at and help with steps that they are ready to make"

Preparing PsyD Professionals to Support Human Trafficking Victims

See the presentation I gave to Clinical Psychology PsyD students about human trafficking in February 2023. 

Here's what one student said:

"The resources incorporated into the presentation will be instrumental in knowing ways to help individuals who have experienced trafficking. Also, just having a better understanding of what all human trafficking entails and not just the very cursory knowledge I had previously gleaned from movies."

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