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Salt Lake City's Nonfatal Strangulation Demonstration Project

October 2018-June 2020

Past Work

Health Advocate

Technology Enhanced Screening and Supportive Assistance (TESSA) Project

May 2016-May 2017


Rape Crisis Advocate

Victim Advocate Services, The Women's Center



Gonzalez-Pons, K.M., Gallegos, I.D., Graves, S.L., & Frost, C.J. (2020). Employing the Right Annual Data Collection Efforts to Combat IPV on College Campuses. Accepted to the American Journal of College Health. IF 1.455.


Gezinski, L.B., Gonzalez-Pons, K.M., & Rogers, M. (2019). Substance use as a coping mechanism for survivors of intimate partner violence: Implications for safety and service accessibility. Accepted to Violence Against Women. IF 1.636.


Gezinski, L.B. & Gonzalez-Pons, K.M. (2019). Unlocking the door to safety and stability: Housing barriers for survivors of intimate partner violence. Accepted to the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. In Press. IF 2.443


Gezinski, L.B., Gonzalez-Pons, K.M., Rogers, M. (2019). “Praying does not stop his fist from hitting my face”: Religion and intimate partner violence from the perspective of survivors and service providers. Journal of Family Issues. IF 1.489.

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