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Your Go-To Manuscript Writing Checklist

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

I'm likely not the only one who gets excited when it's time to write a manuscript.

The excitement and anticipation of a future publication.

Seeing the hard work in planning, data collection, and analysis coming to fruition.

Working with friends and colleagues, maybe even new collaborators.

But somewhere along the way, the fun subsides and headaches ensue. From formatting the references to meet the journal's requirement or new citation guidelines (hello, APA 7th edition) to pestering everyone for their ORCID ID's and best contact information, sometimes the manuscript writing process can feel like pulling teeth.

I created this Manuscript Writing Checklist because I want you to learn from obstacles I've encountered and start building in best practices for manuscript writing.

Bear in mind that this checklist applies to my experiences writing for social work or adjacent fields and your needs may vary. Have feedback or see where a valuable addition could be made? Drop a comment or send me an email.

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